TNG Software Updated!!!

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Software Update!

Well it has been a while since I have been able to get to this project. My health is very bad and hospital visits are very common lately. I have had to stop the many hours online to focus on trying to get better. I’m hoping to make a slow comeback, and we are starting by getting the software updated. This is now done, so enjoy all the new features and new bells and whistles! I love the new updates and the inexpensiveness of it.
I have to be very careful now, since no sponsors ever came forward to help financially cover the high costs of running this website. I’m also over the limits on the bandwidth allowed, so need to upgrade again to a more costly level, but it all costs money. So some of you will experience what they call throttling down during your stay. It means that the server is too busy with the many other users at the same time, so everyone gets stalled until the server resets and allows data to flow. Sorry about this, but it is the cost of being very popular, and no money to help pay the server costs each month.
We will see how things go. I may just need to conclude this project for good, but will try another year of updates of data and see how it goes. I no longer am a member of Ancestry or the several newspaper databases, or the military ones. I have had to shut down all memberships for data, again cramping my abilities.

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