Neighmond Family updates

Even though the 1900 census was entered for Peter Neighmond and his family, we updated the work and made the census scan visible online. We also added the employment information and pinpointed the location of their rented house. This update affects the following:

  1. Peter Neighmond (I98)
  2. John Neighmond (I99)
  3. Margaret Neighmond (I100)
  4. Joseph Cornelius Neighmond (I88)

We did the same with the 1910 census. It is updated on the following:

  1. Peter Neighmond (I98)
  2. Margaret Neighmond (I100)
  3. Joseph Cornelius Neighmond (I88)

Next was an attempt to update Angeline (Levalley) (Dales) Gaines (I683). We did not find the hoped for census sheets, but we did find a GEDCom that had her second husband and some more dates and locations to add to her and her husbands. With those additions, we were able to find her on a 1880 census sheet in Indiana!

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