Website Directories

We have added the update blogs to each directory page! Now instead of having to go to the special blog setup, you can see the updates in each Family Directory page! Enjoy!

We also made a special date graphic for the setup to add a little spice to the pages.

I did not realize there were so many directory pages! We still have a few more to turn back on, but we certainly have more than I expected! I also did not realize that so much gets done. Seeing the news on some families I did not think I had worked on for a while was surprising. I really like this new setup! Hope you like it too.

As I installed this, I updated the code on the pages and made some other changes. Now that I have a news section with each directory page, I will work on making the headings more appropriate and the links also become more valuable. So that is the plan now, to include more links to the people that get updates!

Oh, and another change, we dropped the â??Updatesâ? button from the main menu, since it is not important anymore!

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