Macomber family updates

Cecile Macomber

Wow! I forgot to list out what I was doing. We have done a lot of work in entering the Raker family of Lassen County, California, adding about 100 members. Of course we had to process the data as well as manual entry, but that is all up and ready. The connection to this family is through Cecile Macomberâ??s second husband.

The 1880 Census of Lassen County for the Raker families.

The 1900 Census of Lassen County for the Raker families.

Voting records for Cecile Kennedy, and so found her husbandâ??s name: Robert J. Kennedy and general years of marriage.

Joseph & Elizabeth Macomber

Added death cause and notes to Joseph Macomber.

Retired the josiah_elizabeth page after making sure all data was transferred.

Retired the benoni page after making sure data was transferred, and noted census year was wrong on page!

Retired the charles_teresa page after changing the birth date in the database for Charles Miller Macomber.

Retired the boddy_melissa page after adding the year of death to Melissa Boddy.

Retired the charles_jennie page.

Retired the Eva Kerchner page

Retired the family page and the whole folder!

Retired a series of census data and such in the Macomber To Do list regarding Charles Miller Macomber.

Job Macomber

Seeing lots of gaps in the Job Douthit family tree, we prepared two unaccredited gedcoms and merged them into a 255 individual, 88 family file. We cleaned it all up, so that it could be merged into our database. A comparison of the two data collections came up with 58 people that could be the same. I notices a couple that definitely were not the same in that test run, but it should be a pretty close approximation of how many will not be new. We are thus going to add around 200 new people.

We did the merge and approved 108 merges. So our net gain will be less! But that is fine. This is not about adding people, but instead getting better information. There were about 100 people that had something revised in the merge, like better dates instead of approximate years, or locations of vital events instead of blanks. There were a few spelling errors corrected as well. Unfortunately all the changes are not easy to catalogue, so I will not list them all here. A comparison of the old database with the updated one could be done, but does anyone care? I just compared the data, and wow! what a difference! Things look much better, even though there is much to add by hand yet.

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