Elrod family additions

We are continuing our efforts at getting LaVaughn Elrod Zimmerâ??s family research entered into our database. She has done an enormous amount of work and the family is truly indebted to her. This week we finished this goal! We did much more than listed here, and just had to stop interrupting the work and just enter data.

To supplement her work, we are using the cemetery transcripts recorded in 1980 of the old Elrod Cemetery. We also are adding census work as we move along. In all, it is a slow process, but if we can do it right, one that will be of benefit to the family.

It is interesting to see so many families that we work on in this Missouri land grant area. The Greens, Moons, and several other families from this area expanded to Arkansas, the area we have worked hard to delineate. Seeing the roots in Missouri adds another dimension to the story.

So continuing on, there is so much being added it is difficult to keep up this record, but here is our feeble attempt!

Bray Family

The Bray family is now entered using the above sources. The cemetery lists an Olive Jewell Bray, with no other data, and so we donâ??t know where she fit into the family. We have not done census work at this time. Well, scratch that. It seems it would be helpful to back up to Thomas Benton Elrod Jr. and add the census work after 1880. So here we go!

  1. 1910 Census for family
  2. 1920 Census for family

John William Amer

  1. Link: John William Amer family view
  2. 1900 Census
  3. Added children and mother mentioned in census
  4. Added family members in 1980 graveyard review. Clarence Everett and Jessie M. are the only two Amers not covered yet.

Thomas Benton Jr.

  1. Link: Thomas Benton Elrod, Jr. family view
  2. 1900 census for family
  3. Added an unknown daughter Flora?
  4. 1910 Census for family
  5. 1920 Census for family
  6. Grave stones for Everett Elrod and his two wives
  7. Children and grandchildren from work done by LaVaughn Elrod Zimmer

John M. Elrod

William Palmer

  • 1910 Census
  • Union Hill Cemetery info.
  • Added family members

Thomas Jefferson Elrod

  1. 1910 Census

Rev. Thomas Benton Elrod

  1. 1910 Census for family
  2. Added family to accommodate census mention
  3. added rest of family and dates
  4. 1900 census for family

Moses P. Hull

  1. Cannot link, since a new entry.
  2. Link instead to Joseph Marion Elrod family since it is his children we are following.
  3. 1910 Census for family
  4. Had to locate and enter family members! He was Mary Jonesâ?? second husband after Joseph M. Elrod died.

Colonel J Elrod

  • 1910 Census for family

Tony Alfred Elrod

  • 1910 Census for family

George B. Elrod

  • 1910 Census for family

Allen Boney Elrod

  • LaVaughn Elrod Zimmerâ??s family work of children, grandchildren, etc. All new additions

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