Anderson updates in week 12

William Anderson

  1. Found date of death
  2. Found date of will probate
  3. Possible last name of wife
  4. Better marriage date and location

Albert Friend

  1. Link: Albert Friend
  2. Revised the 1891 census info
  3. Added parents and family from 1881 census
  4. Removed 1881 census info! Wrong Albert. Using U.S. census clues of Sydney being his brother and Clara a sister, found an 1891 census with more fitting data
  5. Added 1901 census for dad and brother, and found possible mother had died.
  6. Moved immigration and emigration events from marriage to couple, and redid document to display.
  7. Fixed document so can be viewed and moved from marriage to Florenceâ??s page (and redid girls with her).
  8. Fixed 1910 census footnote for family to new style.
  9. Info from passenger manifest in 1932.
  10. Info from passenger manifest for just Albert in 1932
  11. 1918 draft registration information redone
  12. 1920 census redone for family
  13. 1930 census search unfruitful

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