We have moved!!!

Howdy! Although the address of our website is the same, the hosting company is now different. We have 30 days to evaluate this host, Simply Hosting, to see if they will work out better than our old host, Hostmonster.

As with any move, there is going to be a bunch of stuff that gets tossed out, and other things that get added. It will take a few months to “unpack” everything, and get things settled into their new home. In the mean while, let us know what you find. Frankly the site is so huge, it is really hard to have eyes everywhere to know how things are doing. Input on your experiences is a big help!

The first snag was the loss of all the photo links for the over 1000 photos and documents. We did some preliminary work, but it is going to take a long time to get it all working correctly.

As part of the move, we are discarding the old membership system completely. At this point it only exists for the Schunke family, and that department has gotten very quiet, so I don’t expect too many to notice it is gone.

We may fill up our space really fast on this internet host, so will be thankful for any donations that can help us expand as needed.

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