Gambrell family added data notes (2011wk15)

Robert I. Bryson

    1. added his wifeâ??s name
    2. added his daughterâ??s name
    3. found in 1880 census
    4. found in 1900 census
    5. found in 1910 census

Robert Gambrell

    1. 1880 census
    2. added family from census
    3. found some dates and that name is Robert Larkin? Gambrell
    4. found wife is a Bryson
    5. found daughterâ??s husband and two children
    6. added cemetery and photos of graves
    7. added photo of Robert and wife.
    8. added James Brysonâ??s excellent work on the family
    9. contacted James Bryson for identity of Mooreâ??s Crossroads

William Drayton Bryson

    1. 1880 census
    2. 1900 census
    3. Added family members from 1900 census
    4. Added second wife and her family and children
    5. 1910 census for wife and children
    6. WWI draft card for son Charlie Clanton
    7. 1910 census for son Ernest Milton and family (all added)
    8. Added his father and two wives and many children
    9. Added his grandfather and his wife
    10. 1850 census for father and family
    11. 1850 for grandmother and her children

James Larkin Gambrell

    1. Added James Brysonâ??s work on Jimmie Ann Gambrell
    2. Added James Brysonâ??s work on William Jasper Shirley

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