Server Change

Howdy! If you have had problems accessing our website over the last few days, it is because we had to move the whole website to another server. Our last host server was WebHostingPad, but they simply are a third rate service. I did get support over a problem that should never have occurred (they were limiting the area tags allowed in an entry form), but that is just the tip of the problem. My updates would not work at all, and being a huge endeavor, I cannot spend endless hours debugging their problems. I need a server that just works as expected. So we have come full circle and are back at a new HostMonster account. They are not ideal, but they do have good service and have helped me through tough times in the past, in dealing with website hijackers. Frankly I do hold them to blame for letting rogue users from foreign countries take over my files, but at least the many issues that arose, they were there to do their part when called upon.

This is a huge project to get moved and to then setup the site again elsewhere. It will take a few weeks to get everything running properly again, but hopefully this time things will work even better than they have been working. And if this does not work out, we will be looking for a better server system. What would be the best is if I could have my own server here! Then I could control things myself, but so far such a venture would cost too much, and since there is no revenue to gain from all this work, I have to try to make the best of things with little money!

Well, it took a long time, but for the first time, the update has finished being imported! Great news! I have not seen things go right in a long time. So for now we are very happy to be back to our old server.

We will be working to find the bugs and problems that inevitably have to be sorted out, and hope the dust will soon settle and be cleaned away from the big move!

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