Elrod reviews

Our primary focus is finding out everyone buried in the Elrod Cemetery, now known as the Union Cemetery.

Know who these are?

Can anyone help us identify how the following fit into the family tree? The cemetery is near Vienna, Missouri:

  1. Robert Lee Adkins, born Dec 30, 1956 and died Aug 30, 1998. Who is he and who are his parents?
  2. John Anderson Adkins, born 1849 and died 1926. Where does he fit?
  3. Infant Bishop, Nov 1, 1899 to Nov 1, 1899
  4. Jessie Andrew Bishop, Sep 8, 1903 to Jan 16, 1906
  5. Squire Thomas Bishop, Feb 13, 1849 to Nov 1903. I found this man was married to a Hart but could not figure out the connection to other people in the cemetery, and specifically the Elrod’s.

In additions:

  1. The five Berthel Bray children
  2. Seth Bray was added to the Union Cemetery
  3. Walsey May Bray was added to the Union Cemetery list

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