Elrod updates

It was nice to finally get back to this family and work some more on the Maries County, Missouri, family.

  1. LaVaughn Elrod Zimmer sent the gravestone photos of Infant Elrod, Dorothy Elrod, and George & Rebecca Elrod (i170776). She has done a remarkable job preserving the gravesite on camera, as well as updating the cemetery records for Union Hill Cemetery.
  2. George & Becka Elrod in 1900 census
  3. George & Rebecca Elrod marriage certificate, and date changed on marriage
  4. George B. Elrod death certificate
  5. Thomas J. Palmer family added
  6. Thomas J. Palmer family in 1920 census
  7. Thomas & Cassandra Elrod in 1920 census
  8. Ida Pohl and family added
  9. George B. Elrod family in 1920 census
  10. Colonel & Bessie Elrod family in 1920 census
  11. Columbus Palmer family in 1920 census

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