Elrod family updates

The following are death certificates for the Union Hill / Elrod cemetery

  1. Infant Elrod (i39948) of William and Martha Elrod
  2. Alfred Elrod (i39946) of William and Martha Elrod
  3. Annie Belle Elrod (i170836) who died soon after childbirth from puerperal insanity.
  4. Cassandra Elrod (i170771) death cerfificate info
  5. Casina Elrod (i8111) death certificate info
  6. Colonel Jackson Elrod (i170780) death certificate info
  7. Della L. Elrod (i172258) death certificate info
  8. Esther Fern Elrod (i9586) death certificate info
  9. Merged Robert Russell Franklin (i45284 to i45230) and his wife, Martha, (i45258 from 45285)
  10. Ida Katherine Elrod (i170830) death certificate and name change, etc.
  11. Catherine Elrod gravestone
  12. William Henry Elrod gravestone
  13. William H Elrod (i170829) family in 1930 census

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