Green Family improvements

  1. Mary Ruth Green Douthit (i725) California Death Index
  2. Thomas B. Green (i839) Arkansas Death Index
  3. Thomas Green pension application index
  4. Corrected Thomas Loyd Green place of death (862)
  5. Corrected city of death of Joanna Alice Green Barker (i860)
  6. Corrected city of birth of Belvia E. Green (i853)
  7. Corrected date of death for Harve Buchanan Green, (i852)
  8. Expanded Mary Talley name (i840)
  9. Added Mary Talley Green death index info
  10. Corrected Marie Green Moon’s (i1003) record from Find A Grave
  11. Added info on Ken Moon (i1008) from Find A Grave
  12. Mary Etta Barker (i1027) from Find A Grave
  13. Joanna Alice Green Barker (i860) from Find A Grave
  14. Norman Barker (i861) from Find A Grave
  15. New Cemetery# 1583: Woodville Cemetery, Tulare County, California
  16. Corrections and additions to Elder Andrew Isaacs (i3330)
  17. Logan & Edith Green marriage date and county
  18. Logan Green marriage events moved to his own record
  19. Edith’s full name and family residence when married.
  20. Asa Green (i856) and family in 1940 census
  21. Redid 1920 census for Asa Green family, adding highlight to scan and redoing the wording and source
  22. Samuel & Carol Green dates and gravestone
  23. Carol Isbell information  and photo and parent’s information from Find A Grave
  24. Farley Green photo from Find A Grave
  25. Kenneth Green from Find A Grave
  26. Jerry M. Green, wife and daughter from Find A Grave

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