Two Week Report

Too many problems kept me from getting the first week updates done in a number sufficient to justify the website updating. The culmination was what turned out to be damaged RAM that kept the computer from booting on Friday, and making the update possible!

General progress has picked up a bit. We did get all of the January emails caught up and current! We even started on the December ones.

Specific Family Updates

For updates in specific families see the following directory page news section:

  1. Douthit family
  2. Finney family
  3. Macomber family

General Information Updates

  1. Wonderful photo of Woodroe and Virginia Wise (f107991) from Carrie Nunnery along with additions Virginia’s mother and grandmother.
  2. Death index record of Virginia Wise
  3. Social Security death record of Virginia Wise
  4. 1940 census of Woodroe & Virginia Wise
  5. Dean & Dawn Huseby asked about Mary Clarke’s parents, wife of Edward Greenman (i39439), and we think that is an easy answer, so we updated the John Clarke family to show our opinion. These were amazing people that were willing to risk everything to try to provide a place where their family could worship God in spirit and truth, and openly. Where are the John Clarke’s today? We sure need them!
  6. New Cemetery #1587. John Clarke Cemetery, Newport County, Rhode Island
  7. Marcus Dean Fuller provided the names of his parents and siblings which have been added to Ward Pancost Fuller (i86570)
  8. Carrie Nunnery sent the names of the parents and grandparents of Abner Terrell Penton (i49937)
  9. David Gubanc sent a photo of Maurice Soule (i56542) and Opal Root Soule’s (i56543) gravestone. Also the cemetery listed for Opal is now changed.

General Data Update Stats

  1. Locations: 16741, or 11 new
  2. People:  149101, or 26 new
  3. Sources: 3767, or 8 new
  4. Document Scans: 10 new
  5. Photos: 1 new
  6. Gravestones: 1 new
  7. Headshots: 2 new
  8. Email backlog: Working to dig back to November before resuming the handling of the 2008 emails.

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