Finney updates

  1. Angela Godlin contacted us and gave some changes:
  1. Vinita Dieu is spelled with an “I” not the “e” we have.
  2. Also her place in the tree is now added.
  3. She is looking for a photo of her mother and father when they were married. If anyone has this please let us know! Her parents are Rex Baker and Genellen Meyer.
  4. She mentioned the date of death for Walter John Meyer (i577) could not be 1955. We checked and she was right, so:
  • California Death Index for Walter John Meyer
  • Social Security Death Index for Walter J. Meyer
  • Find A Grave info on Walter Meyer and Marie Tebbutt
  • Cemetery #1595. Odd Fellows Lawn Cemetery & Mausoleum, Sacramento County, California
  • Eugene Orville Meyer gravesite (i561)
  • Florence St. Clair Meyer (i576) grave info and date of death changed
  • John Meyer grave (i575) and date of death changed
  • Eugene O. Meyer in Social Security death index
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