Week’s progress

We had a list, but it crashed! Of course it never happens to anyone else! And to make things worse we are a day late on the update. Now I don’t know what general things were fixed to report, but frankly we got hung up on the Gambrell family and never got even one email cleared this week, trying to get the ground work laid for the next email! So sorry if you wrote, I’m really backed up!


  1. Added documents: 10
  2. Added gravestones: 0
  3. Added face photos: 2
  4. Added general photos: 1
  5. Added individuals: 293 (149820-149527)
  6. Added sources: 3 (3828-3825)
  7. Added locations: 15 (16854-16839 but scan said 25 probably due to about 10 replacements!)

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