General Updates

Special Website Software Update

The author of our website software made 19 changes, the biggest is the media handling improvements. The mapping function has been updated to use Google man’s latest api. Some search bugs were fixed too. As usual we are very happy with the updates and so glad to let someone else work on the website programming and let me work on the research!

We reinstalled the old list of mods after the update. Here were the mods updated:

  1. Age Calculation
  2. Create Sitemap

Here are the mods we added:

  1. ID prefix mod, this makes the letters and numbers easier to read
  2. Redundant Tabs removed mod, when there are not ancestors or descendants, the tabs will no longer show.
  3. Mouse Wheel Zoom, now if you have a mouse wheel, it will zoom in and out on the map

Specific Family Work

Click on the family to open the family directory, then scroll down to the news section to see latest report.

  1. Erhardt Home Page


Our focus this week was on the oldest emails, and we got hung up on the next one, so we are now 6 months behind schedule on clearing this old but good ones. We also are now really behind on the current list for this year, so we hope to focus on the current pile this next week and see if we can’t reduce that long list!

  1. May 2008 finally closed!

Statistical Progress

  1. Added photos: 8
  2. Added face photos: 4
  3. Added gravestones: 0
  4. Added document scans: 11
  5. Added locations: 8 (16862-16854)
  6. Individuals: 54 (149874-149820)
  7. Sources: 2 (3830-3828)

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