Schunke additions

  1. We had several “events” listed in Larry and Louise Schunke’s family from Deborah Burt. We just got those events credited from her email.
  2. Newspaper announcement of Redmond Kelly Schunke & Lynnette’s marriage
  3. William & Anne Schunke (i916) family in 1940 census
  4. Grave for Larry Schunke and military rank
  5. 1930 Census for Lester McDaniels (i6354) and parents
  6. Thomas McDaniels (i6669) funeral notice
  7. Lester McDaniels obituary
  8. Wedding of Lester & Edna McDaniel’s son (and name!)
  9. Emily Schunke (i805) funeral notice and obituary
  10. Karen Lee McDaniels marriage announcement

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