Hartman Rebuild

In moving from the old website system I built to this standardized database system, we have not moved the large amount of information gathered on the Hartman family. Sandra Hartman was the instigator of this family that directly connects to the Douthits. In order to clear the Jan 2009 emails, we have to get this pending project done. Rather than just transfer my records, and probably hide her contributions, we decided to start with her work and then work to transfer our material afterwards: Here is the progress:

Casper Hartman family group sheets (20 pages) from Sandra Hartman

  1. pg 19-20 are blanks
  2. pg 11 on Atley Hartman (i6483) and Douthit connection
  3. pg 12 on Atley Hartman children
  4. pg 13 and John Alfred Hartman family
  5. pg 14 on Walter Butner Hartman family
  6. pg 15 on Walter Butner Hartman children
  7. pg 16 on Monica Louise Hartman family
  8. pg 17 on Monica Hartman children
  9. pg 18 on Mark Hartman family
  10. pg 10: Milton Hartman children
  11. pg 9: Milton Hartman family parents
  12. pg 8: George Hartman children
  13. pg 7: George Hartman family parents
  14. pg 6: Johannes Hartman children
  15. pg 5: Johannes Hartman family parents
  16. pg 3-4: George Hartman family
  17. pg 2: George Hartman family parents
  18. pg 1: Casper Hartman family

Ruth Butner Hartman family, an 8 page family group sheet style document from Sandra Hartman

  1. pg 1: Enoch Vogler families
  2. pg 2: Ronald Vogler family
  3. pg 3: Ronald Vogler family
  4. pg 4: Enoch Vogler, Jr. family
  5. pg 5: Lori Elizabeth Vogler family
  6. pg 6: Timothy Vogler family
  7. pg 7-8: blank

A few more details were added from three more emails from Sandra, to people still living.

Now the old data rehunt and transfer:

  1. 1900 census for Atley Hartman family
  2. 1910 census for Atley Hartman family and brother’s family
  3. 1920 census for the expanded Atley Hartman families and brother’s family
  4. Atley E. Hartman death certificate
  5. Cemetery #1611. Advance First Baptist Church Cemetery, Davie County, North Carolina
  6. Martha Hartman cemetery
  7. Modelle Hartman cemetery
  8. Martha Hartman death certificate
  9. The old webpage, “mattie” was deleted
  10. The old webpage, “modelle” was deleted

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