A pastor that cares about reaching people and helping each family member appreciate their heritage, family background, and family history. So much is lost today because the family unit has been destroyed. Knowing one's family helps encourage a sense of belonging and purpose.

John Leonard Macomber family

Our attention was brought to the John Leonard Macomber family. We did quite a bit of hunting down related family members in order to be able to add the following: J.L. Macomber family in 1900 J.L. Macomber family in 1880 J.L. Macomber family in 1870 John L. Macomber family in 1910 J.L. Macomber family in …

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Francis & Zulu Pangle

Angela Artherton sent some research that provides the name of Zulu Starr’s husband. She provided the deed numbers to a couple pieces of land. To this we added: Frances Pangle’s birth and death and two other wives from family trees Grave info for Frances Pangle Grave info for Zulu Pangle Benton County Memorial Park Edith …

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William R. Douthit

Belinda sent us the line from William Douthit, through Dilbert Douthit to herself. We are excited about the update and hope to hear more, even though she sent us the information over a year ago! Record Additions: Marriage record of Hershel and Eva Douthit. Hershel Douthit residence in 2000. Hershel Douthit residence in 1993 Hershel …

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Samuel Burns Parker relatives needed

An attorney in Florida is in need of the names and contact information of any living relatives of Samuel Burns Parker and his wife, Cola Dickerson. If you have any information, please contact us so we can pass the attorney’s information on to you. This is very time sensitive. Samuel Burns Parker died in 1952 …

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