A pastor that cares about reaching people and helping each family member appreciate their heritage, family background, and family history. So much is lost today because the family unit has been destroyed. Knowing one's family helps encourage a sense of belonging and purpose.

Gustav and Rowena Schunke updated

Last night was a tough night, with lots of horrible pain. So, I worked on the list of geographic locations, and got a bunch of them done. Then later in the day we were able to get Gustav and Rowena Schunke’s family shifted over to this setup. This brings the pile of Schunke families left …

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John Wesley parents changed

Marty Restivo pointed out that the parents we had listed for John Wesley Isaacs were incorrect. We had noticed this when searching for government records on the family and had to halt our work till the discrepancies could be resolved. Marty’s suggestion hit the mark, so we have corrected our research data and will hope …

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Josephine Erhardt Kruger family updates

Our latest endeavor to move information to the new setup included the Charles and Josephine Kruger family. We were able to add quite a bit of new information, but will need to continue to return and slowly update this family as time and information becomes available. If you can help us, please use the “Edit” …

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