Elrod family

News of the Elrod family and data that has been added or edited.

Hudelson Family

There was some bad data on the Willard Hudson family, so we made the following updates: Added Willard as first name Added full name of father Added birth and death dates of father and locations Added last name of mother Added birth and death dates and locations of mother Added motherâ??s parents Cleaned up the …

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Elrod family additions

We are continuing our efforts at getting LaVaughn Elrod Zimmerâ??s family research entered into our database. She has done an enormous amount of work and the family is truly indebted to her. This week we finished this goal! We did much more than listed here, and just had to stop interrupting the work and just …

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Elrod family work

Christopher Elrod, Jr. Added Cemetery which was mentioned in the notes and in LaVaughn Elrod Zimmerâ??s work. Moved church membership events from the marriage to person. Sarah Frey Douthit Elrod Changed address of Cemetery to the Cemetery name Moved church membership events from the marriage to person. John Elrod Added cemetery Added dates and locations …

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New Family—The Elrods!

We have a lot of information about the Elrod family in our database, but it is all scattered around. Being an old American family, they intermix quite a bit with the Douthits and Macombers and other old American family names. The family was very devout at one time, as where the two other families mentioned, …

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