Gambrell Family

News of the Gambrell family and the data that has been added or edited.

Gambrell family updates

The additions of the family this week include: John Calhoun Gambrell (170678) family info from James Boyd, as well as his work on Find A Grave! Excellent work Jim! grave and cemetery for family family members do census work Samuel D. D. Gambrell, I9746 family 1860 census grave and cemetery Unfortunately, other family updates took …

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Gambrell family work during week 13

James Madison Gambrell, Sr. Fixed wrong highlighting of 1790 census reference. 1820 Census, next door to James Douthit (two children from each family joined families in marriage). William Jasper Shirley Corrected name as per Jimmy Brysonâ??s email Added cemetery and information per Jimmy Brysonâ??s email Added personal dates as per Jimmy Brysonâ??s work on …

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Gambrell family updates week 12

Well, we set up a new family directory for the Gambrell family and in the process realized there was bad grammar on the first Gambrell we had! Ouch! John Newton Gambrell, Sr. Link: John Newton Gambrell fixed wording on Military Service 1790 Census 1800 Census 1820 Census 1830 Census possible fit for 1810 census William …

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Gambrell Family updating

Jim Bryson contacted us via telephone and passed on quite a bit of information about this family and the fact he is living there at the historic family farm! I love hearing from people like him! The Gambrell family ties into the Douthit family very early on in America, with the Methodist preacher, James Douthit …

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