Meyer Family

Meyer Family additions

Richard & Paulina Meyer family 1880 census image remade. Richard Meyer passport application added to event Richard & Paulina Meyer marriage events moved to individuals Richard & Paulina Meyer family 1900 census image remade & events redone Richard & Paulina Meyer family 1910 census image remade and events redone Richard & Paulina Meyer family 1920 …

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Graphic Files all broken

Howdy all! There was a fatality in the process of moving to a new website. Something went wrong and we had to remove all the images and their links from the new setup, since they were duplicated! So now we have to go through each of the over 1700 files and tell them what category …

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Website Directories

We have added the update blogs to each directory page! Now instead of having to go to the special blog setup, you can see the updates in each Family Directory page! Enjoy! We also made a special date graphic for the setup to add a little spice to the pages. I did not realize there …

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