No easy family location correcting

This is my gripe area against Legacy Family Software. It is a great program and the best out there, but it has some really big frustrations. One of the biggest is its rotten location handling. It was a huge problem trying to get my hundreds of thousands of locations brought under control. There is no …

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking

I still use version 11 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, not because I like it, not because it’s great, but because I refuse to give a company more money when they’re so snotty. Over the years I’ve purchased the software either from the company directly or from other stores. As of a couple months ago, I was …

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Legacy Family Tree Bugs!

I’ve recommended Legacy Family Tree software now for several years, but am really getting disconcerted with it. There is a real need for a good software to replace it! Fuming daily about the software has motivated me to gripe publically. I feel like the company has gone into the video business and has no interest …

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