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  • Douthit family begins in 1600 in France.
  • Macomber family begins in 1783 with Josiah and Elizabeth Macomber.
  • Anglin family
  • Elrod family starts in 1684 in Germany
  • Finney family
  • Gambrell family starts in 1755 in what was the Pendleton District of South Carolina
  • Green family small line starts in 1793 with William and Ruth Green
  • Hartman family starts in 1724 with George and Maria Hartman in Germany
  • Anderson family small line from England

Our small families trees of German immigrants to America (click on links to see home page directories)

  •  Erhardt family small line starts in 1845 in Germany.
  • Meyer family small line of tanners starts in Germany
  • Neighmond family line starts in Holland about 1740 with Dirk Nijman
  • Schunke family small line starts in Prussia

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