The Erhardt family is a very large family from Germany, and has the infamous distinction of being a family that provided bloody Generals of Germany in the World Wars. The name became one that was despised in America, and those holding such names were singled out for particular abuse and persecution. Several American soldiers legally changed their last name to escape the constant fear of death at their fellows in arms.

We have small pockets of this family scattered throughout the family tree, but our focus is on an obscure little German child (probably an orphan) by the name of Daniel Gotleib Erhardt that was brought to America as a boy. He was raised in Wisconsin and came to know the Lord and his family all became Baptists and strongly patriotic Americans. Several of his grandchildren served in World War I in the American Army, and many more in World War II. He counted it an honor to be a guard of the tent of General Ulysses Grant (later President of the U.S.) during the war against State Rights (otherwise called the Civil War).

The Daniel Erhardt families used to be a tight-knit family, but has seen a very disturbing fragmentation and dissonance in these last several years. The family became quite “modernistic” in their lifestyle, and with that came a rejection of God and Christian principles, followed by a rejection of family ethics and morality. The result has been a scattered, anchorless, confused, bitter, brain-damaged, and very selfish offspring today. Of course there are pockets of stalwart and high moral folks here and there, but as a whole, the family bears little resemblance to its German and hard-core Baptist root!

Frankly the only hope the family members have today is to become converted just as their patriarch did, and become filled with the Lord Jesus Christ’s power and wisdom once again!

Helpful Links

  1. Listing of people with Erhardt last name
  2. Daniel & Sophia Erhardt family: the start of our American family
  3. Daniel & Julia Erhardt family: lived in Wisconsin, Canada, California and Washington
  4. David & Ida Erhardt family: lived in Iowa where Linda Sebastian is our main resource.

Family Accomplishments

  1. Pacheco School House
  2. What else should we list?

Need Help!

  1. We need help to fill in missing information! If you are a family member, please help us by hunting down some of these items that are missing! Link: Missing David Erhardt family information
  2. What we have is just a small sampling of what we should have! Please help us with photos, recordings, videos, achievements, hobbies, and anything else that tells more of who each person is or was!

Erhardt News

News of the website updates, reunions, family questions, and special family events.

  • Cleve Erhardt updates Linda Sebastian has helped the family again! Wish we had more diligent folks like her! She sent scans of information gleaned from a visit with Linda Johnson. We are so glad to add these important things: Cleve Erhardt obituary image, text, and facts processed to all mentioned Cleve & Eshter Erhardt wedding photo: better quality scan Brainard Store ...
  • Erhardt Notebook Over the years we have collected a large number of pieces of information we hoped we could come back to and resolve later. We have decided now is the time. This is our first attempt to start closing out this notebook. Laura Sass (i7556) birth place changed, death year added, spouse and wedding William Sass (i7555) dates ...
  • Burrow Family In handling old emails, it became evident that the Burrow family was a hit and miss situation. we decided to simply redo the census sheets and upgrade them to the current system, and scan process.  It was also hoped we could add some new details in the process. We hope this will not slow down ...
  • Miller family Continuing the broken media links and general cleanup needed we worked on the following: Anna Isley Miller (i52212) in Iowa death listing Anna Miller memorial on FindAGrave Rudolph Miller and family in 1860 census Rudolph Miller and family in 1870 census Rudolph Miller memorial on FindAGrave Rudolph Miller in Iowa Cemetery listing Rudolph Miller in Wisconsin Veteran home proved false because that ...
  • Schunke fixes Several months ago we imported some information and wound up with extraneous sources that had media links that now do not exist. We went to work to fix these on the following. Beatrice V. Schunke (i3039) bogus census references in name and birth records Benedict Miller family import from FamilySearch in prep for possible use of 1925 ...
  • William Schunke Marilyn Schunke sent us some important notes about her family in 2012. We added them and more. She also referred us to a research report by Mary Dorflein, which we also used. Anne Marie Himmelsbach Schunke marriage date added from Marilyn Schunke Anna Marie Stumpf Himmelsbach marriage and migration notes Anna Marie Himmelsbach Schunke immigration and ship Sebastian Himmelsbach ...
  • Kirkestue family Linda Sebastian wrote she thought her great grandmother Marget was a widow in 1910 and living in Winneshiek County, Iowa. We could not find her still living at that time, but did find some other very interesting facts. We will try to share them! In the 1925 census of Marget’s daughter, Ingorborg Gondry, we find her ...
  • Sebastian Notes Removed farm event from Glenn Kirkestue, from Linda Sebastian Corrected last name of Ole Kirkestue to Kirkestuen, from Linda Sebastian 1940 census for Glen Kirkestue and family Nelsina Kloster birth location and date and parents from Iowa birth index. Odena Kirkestue dates added Glen Kirkestuen in 1930 census Ole Kirkestuen family in 1920 census Ole Kirkestuen family in 1910 census Ole Kirkestuen family ...
  • Reid family continued We continued the Reid family work, wrapping up what we hoped to do this session. William Henry Hagerman family added William Forrest Hagerman and family added Glen Reid in WWI registration Glen Reid family in 1940 census Glen Reid in 1930 census Edna Reid family in 1930 census Perry Reid family in 1930 census Ervy Reid in 1930 census Perry Reid family members added ...
  • Reid Family additions  Reid Family Additions Alfred Ray Reid dates Alfred Ray’s wife and dates added Alfred Reid addition of 8 children Alfred Reid inlaws Glen Reid parents and wives Glen Reid brothers Samuel Alfred Reid parents Samuel Alfred Reid siblings Samuel Alfred Reid inlaws Glen Reid inlaws Jacob Reid children Jacob Reid parents Cemetery 1712. Bowholtz Cemetery, Paulding County, Ohio Jacob Reid family in 1880 census Samuel Reid grave Cemetery 1713. Coltman Cemetery, ...

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  1. Mother Marietta

    Dear Clinton,
    I had wanted to get in touch with you during the terrible wildfire in Redding, but couldn’t find your contact information. All the Sisters at our monastery were praying for you and your family’s safety, so I am glad that I finally found a way to get in touch. I am your Mom, Glenda’s cousin, Barbara Diane Darby, daughter of Clara Rose Erhardt and Francis Combs Darby, both now deceased as I see you have noted. Our little monastery has moved from New Mexico to Tennessee, and we have been very happy here since 2013. It is so good to live in an area (East Tennessee, about 45 minutes east of Knoxville) where so many folks are Christians. FYI, our postal address is 596 Callaway Ridge Rd., New Market, TN 37820. Hoping you are all well, prayers, in our ever-present Lord, Barbara

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