The Gambrell family and Douthit family got involved early in America, and there are several marriages back and forth. The Gambrells are an ambitious and active family that has continued to search out their roots and uncovered an amazing family of which they have had reason to be proud historically and today. If you are a Gambrell family member, help us make this family tree even more complete with better and more information!

Resources at MacomberKin

  1. Link to the Gambrell name index
  2. Link to the start of the family tree
  3. Link to John Newton Gambrell, born about 1755 in Pendleton District of South Carolina.
  4. Link to Larkin Gambrell, born in 1809 in South Carolina. Me married the daughter of a Methodist Preacher, James Douthit


News of the website updates, reunions, family questions, and special family events.

  • Sep 17 report

    Goal is to clear the July 2012 emails

    1. Jimmy Gambrell email about James Bruton Gambrell war involvement
    2. George William Woodhouse information from Jeannette Rook
    3. Rose Mary Yenney from Jeannette Rook
    4. Oakland Cemetery, Indiana County, Pennsylvania (cemetery 1902)
    5. Joseph William Woodhouse from Jeannette Rook
    6. Harriet Jane Woodhouse from Jeannette Rook
    7. Grand View Cemetery, Skagit County, Washington (cemetery 1903)
    8. John Vipond Woodhouse from Jeanette Rook
    9. Newspaper entry for the conviction of Frederick Leach
    10. Newspaper notice for the hanging of Frederick Leach
    11. Ezekiel Gambrell cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina (cemetery 1904)
    12. James H. Gambrell
    13. Ezekiel Gambrell grave
    14. Evaline Gambrell grave
    15. Louisa Gambrell Roark grave
    16. George Rankin
    17. William Roark info
    18. Gloria Perryman funeral note
    19. Henry C. Burdick date of death and place of burial from Laurie Lewis
    20. Lincklaen Center Cemetery, Chenago County, New York (cemetery 1905)
    21. Kenyon Burdick date of death
    22. Nancy Hiscox date of death
    23. Charles Givens family added to incorporate the Bishop family connection to Union Hill Cemetery as found by LaVaughn Zimmer
    24. Georgia Bishop Hutchinson in Union Hill Cemetery
    25. Frances Hutchinson in Union Hill Cemetery
    26. Jewell Hutchinson
    27. Francis Hutchinson family added
    28. Joseph Hutchison grave and family
    29. William Monroe Green parent and grandparents
    30. Wanda Ingram memories of William Jordan Anglin.
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  • James Bruton Gambrell
    1. George Gambrell family in 1860
    2. Joel Gambrell family in 1860
    3. Joel Gambrell family in 1870
    4. J.B. Gambrell family in 1870
    5. James B. Gambrell family in 1880
    6. J.B. Gambrell degrees added
    7. Pauline Gambrell husband and daughter
    8. Rodrick Gambrell details updated
    9. Patrick Gambrell family added
    10. Eric Gambrell family added
    11. Mary Gambrell death date added
    12. Helen Gambrell added and family
    13. James Gambrell Jr. wife
    14. James B. Gambrell Jr. family expanded
    15. J.B. Gambrell family in 1910 census
    16. James Bruton Gambrell death certificate
    17. James B. Gambrell passport application
    18. James B. Gambrell family in 1920
    19. Mary Gambrell death certificate
    20. James Gambrell in War Between States by Jimmy Bryson




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  • Gambrells of War Between States


    1. Pleasant Marion Gambrell service record amended from Henry Elliot.
    2. Pleasant Marion Gambrell service record amended from Henry Elliot
    3. Pleasant Marion Gambrell roll call and sick days added from Fold3, first set, 9 cards
    4. Pleasant Marion Gambrell roll call added from Fold3, second set, 7 cards
    5. James Madison Gambrell Jr. grave
    6. Cemetery 1765. Bethesda Methodist Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina
    7. Saint Paul Methodist Cemetery fixed from Powderville to Powdersville. Bing Maps use the singular Powder, Google and area roads and businesses use the plural form.
    8. James Madison Gambrell death day changed from 29 to 23.
    9. Sarah Gambrell dates fixed and grave
    10. Cemetery 1766. Lebanon Baptist Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina
    11. John Pegg Gambrell info and grave
    12. John Pegg Gambrell wife
    13. Barbara Gambrell Elrod info and grave
    14. John S. Elrod dates and grave
    15. Adam Soelle Elrod added and wife
    16. Adam linked to Isaac Elrod and Isaac’s listing expanded
    17. Sandy Springs Methodist Cemetery of Anderson County, South Carolina address expanded
    18. Maude Douthit merged (4008 to i1556)
    19. Carrie Rebecca Douthit merged (4011 to i1559)
    20. Mary Gertrude Douthit merged (4012 to i1560)
    21. Joseph Benjamin Douthit merged (4013 to i1561)
    22. Mary Howard Douthit Elrod cleaned up and grave added
    23. Elias Franklin Elrod dates and grave
    24. Olive Branch Cemetery address cleaned up
    25. Jim Elrod info expanded and grave added
    26. Nancy Elrod info added, and parents and second husband
    27. Changed Benjamin Franklin to Benjamin Louis Elrod, added grave
    28. Charity Elrod info and grave
    29. Joseph Smith Evans parents, dates, grave
    30. Catherine Murphy Elrod parents, dates, grave
    31. Abraham Elrod info and grave
    32. Emily Register Elrod added
    33. Sarah Welborn Elrod info
    34. George McDuffie Elrod info
    35. Sarah Moore Douthit Elrod and info
    36. Elias Franklin Elrod Jr info
    37. Emma E Elrod info
    38. James Andrew Elrod info
    39. Mary Ann Elrod info fixed and grave
    40. Reid Gambrell family added with 49 family members
    41. Isaac M. Elrod tied to Adam Elrod
    42. Reid Gambrell family cleaned up and compared with two other trees
    43. Reid Gambrell grave
    44. Nancy J. Gambrell grave
    45. Maria Payne Gambrell grave
    46. James M. Gambrell grave
    47. Frances Gambrell grave
    48. Florence Gambrell grave
    49. Emily Gambrell grave
    50. Elizabeth A. Gambrell grave
    51.  Reid Gambrell family in 1850 census
    52. James M. Gambrell family in 1850 census
    53. James M. Gambrell family in 1860 census
    54. James Madison Gambrell Jr family from combined Ancestry trees
    55. Cemetery 895 updated and again used. Six Mile Cemetery, Pickens County, South Carolina
    56. Sarah Gambrell Sheriff Langley info and grave
    57. Sarah Gambrell two husbands
    58. Several additions and expansions to James Gambrell children
    59. Cemetery 1767 removed because duplicated
    60. Cemetery 1768. Siloam Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina
    61. John Pegg family added and wife Sarah Douthit
    62. Cemetery 1769. Pickens Chapel Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina
    63. Revised Big Creek Baptist Church & Cemetery address and info
    64. Ruth Murphy Gambrell family added
    65. Matthew Gambrell children added
    66. Ruth Murphy Gambrell second husband added
    67. James S. Gambrell Military notes added
    68. William Murphey Gambrell family added for two generations
    69. Cemetery 1770. Pisgah Cemetery, Anderson County, Texas
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  • Gambrell Family
    1. John Newton Gambrell Pedigree added from Robert Marshall
    2. Pedigree expanded with FS
    3. John Newton Gambrell Jr. biographical info added from Robert Marshall
    4. Judge Gambrell family at birthday and wedding anniversaries, newspaper
    5. John Newton Gambrell II changed to III
    6. John Newton Gambrell III’s anniversary date and place added
    7. Birth date and place of Blanch Smith Gambrell
    8. Death of Dr. William Mooney Gambrell
    9. Wedding of Dr. William Gambrell
    10. Son of William Gambrell
    11. 44th anniversary of Judge Gambrell and wife and family
    12. Debate of John N. Gambrell III
    13. 40th anniversary of Judge Gambrell and his wife.
    14. More notes on Dr. John Newton Gambrell from Nelle Rowland letter
    15. More notes on Madison Gambrell from Nelle Rowland letter
    16. Edward Harper grave
    17. Mary Harper grave
    18. Cemetery 1744. Greensboro Cemetery, Hale County, Alabama
    19. Death year for Frances Wyatt
    20. Parents of Frances Wyatt
    21. Frances Gambrell husband’s last name added, also first name
    22. Mahala Gambrell Mitchell anniversary and husband info expanded
    23. Marion Mitchell parents added
    24. Michell children added
    25. Tough job of linking Gambrell letter finished and letter published
    26. Cemetery 1745. Garden of Memories Cemetery, Kerr County, Texas
    27. William Mooney Gambrell Jr grave, and info
    28. Jean Searingen Gambrell grave
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  • John Newton Gambrell of Texas

    Robert Marshall told us of a John Newton Gambrell of Texas, and here is our work to tie him into the larger tree.

    1. Harriet Harper (i22829) changed to Mary Clementine Mooney
    2. Mary C. Mooney parents added
    3. Mary and John Gambrell link broken since generation too early
    4. John Newton Gambrell of 1864 added as son to John N. Gambrell of 1820
    5. Mary linked to this new John N. Gambrell of 1864
    6. Esther Lee Gambrell and husband added
    7. John N. Gambrell II wife
    8. William Mooney Gambrell wife and in-laws
    9. Thomas Dewitt Gambrell wife
    10. MIldred Gambrell husband
    11. Harriet Harper replaced as John Newton Gambrell (i9822) second wife
    12. Harriet Harper marriage from index
    13. Harriet Harper parents and siblings connection
    14. John N. Gambrell gravesite
    15. Cemetery 1739. Oakwood Cemetery, Walker County, Texas
    16. Several Harper family fixes from various sources
    17. David Henry Gambrell family added
    18. Lettis Gambrell family in 1850
    19. Samuel Vandiver Gambrell name changed to Sanford
    20. Many additions to details of John N. Gambrell, b. 1820, children from FS
    21. Edward Harper family in 1860 census
    22. John Gambrell family in 1870 census
    23. James Mattison Gambrell family expanded from FS
    24. James Mattison Gambrell grave
    25. Cemetery 1740. Old Perry Cemetery, McLennan County, Texas
    26. Amaryllis Horton name from Amaryllis Adelline to Amaryllis Earle Horton Gambrell
    27. Amaryllis Gambrell grave
    28. Cemetery 1741. Moody Cemetery, McLennan County, Texas
    29. Matthew Edwin Gambrell family added
    30. Susan Boyde Gambrell Parish family expanded
    31. 1880 census for John Gambrell and large household
    32. 1880 census for Mathew Gambrell family
    33. Vandiver sisters linked to same family
    34. Birdwell family expanded out from FS
    35. William Birdwell family from 1860 census
    36. 1900 Census for John N. Gambrell family
    37. 1900 census for son John N. Gambrell family
    38. 1910 census for son John N. Gambrell family
    39. 1920 census for John Gambrell family
    40. 1930 census for John Gambrell family
    41. John Gambrell death certificate
    42. Cemetery 1742. Lockhart Municipal Burial Park Cemetery, Caldwell County, Texas
    43. Alcena Gambrell Carson grave
    44. John Gambrell Jr. grave
    45. Mildred Gambrell grave
    46. Nora Gambrell grave
    47. Sidney Gambrell grave
    48. Thomas Gambrell grave
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