The Gambrell family and Douthit family got involved early in America, and there are several marriages back and forth. The Gambrells are an ambitious and active family that has continued to search out their roots and uncovered an amazing family of which they have had reason to be proud historically and today. If you are a Gambrell family member, help us make this family tree even more complete with better and more information!

Resources at MacomberKin

  1. Link to the Gambrell name index
  2. Link to the start of the family tree
  3. Link to John Newton Gambrell, born about 1755 in Pendleton District of South Carolina.
  4. Link to Larkin Gambrell, born in 1809 in South Carolina. Me married the daughter of a Methodist Preacher, James Douthit


News of the website updates, reunions, family questions, and special family events.

  • Gambrell additions
    1. Newton Jasper Gambrell (i38826) dates sent by Sue Gambrell
    2. His mother added
    3. Dates on Thomas Edward Gambrell (i38827) by Sue Gambrell
    4. Added about 75 family members to Ezekiel Gambrell
    5. J.G. Williams (i49015) family in 1870 census
    6. P.C. Williams (i49009) family in 1870 census
    7. John Williams family in 1880 census
    8. Percy Williams family in 1880 census
    9. Charles J. Williams dates from Find A Grave
    10. Charles’ wife & dates, Newell Gambrell, from Find A Grave: made link and updated person
    11. New Cemetery: 1563. Pontotoc City Cemetery, Pontotoc County, Mississippi
    12. Various dates of children and spouses of John William’s children from Find A Grave’s listing for Elam Cemetery
    13. Virginia Williams Burge dates and burial
    14. New Cemetery: 1564. Midway Baptist Church Cemetery, Clarke County, Alabama
    15. Family Bible note on Blanche Williams, from Tom Croom (source work for most on this list)
    16. Family Bible note on Gambrell Williams
    17. Family Bible note on Percy Williams’ death
    18. Ann Williams family in 1900 census
    19. Anne Williams family in 1910 census
    20. Anne Williams family in 1920 census
    21. Anne Williams family in 1930 census
    22. P.C. Williams military battles
  • Gambrell Family Additions
    1. Tom Croom sent us the story of Ann Gambrell (i34106) and her husband, Percy Chappell Williams.
    2. 1860 Census for John and Mary Williams family
    3. Mary Ann Williams Grave
    4. New Cemetery: 1561. Elam Baptist Cemetery, Clarke County, Alabama
    5. 1850 census for John & Mary Williams family
  • Gambrell additions
    1. David S. Gambrell gravestone from Tom Croom
    2. Catherine Gambrell gravestone from Find A Grave
  • Gambrell updates

    We finally got back to James O. Bryson, “Register Report for John Newton Gambrell,” to add some more info. He has asked we not published everything, so we just try to get the basics from his file. Hopefully he will get his work published, because it is a very well done research project. We continued from 49 in the 4th generation section and finished it up on page 70. Before we could move forward, we had to jump back to page 20 to 35 where we have already worked. Then we moved to pg 70 and got to 73.

    1. Martha Gambrell (170682) corrected and family added.
    2. Enos Hammett Gambrell (187556) family added
    3. Ira David Gambrell (34063) family added
    4. Dr. James Bruton Gambrell (9789) family expanded
    5. Joel Halbert Gambrell (34134) family expanded
    6. William Ira Smith (35347) and Susanna Mary Elizabeth Gambrell (170675) family
    7. Emily D. Gambrell (170676) and family expanded
    8. New Cemetery: 1536. Forest Hill Midtown Cemetery, Shelby County, Tennessee
    9. Stephen Wood Smith (45568) family expanded
    10. Samuel Reed Smith family expanded
    11. William Fletcher Smith family expanded
    12. George Washington Boothe Smith expanded

    In all the family grew from 702 members to 780 people in the direct lineage.

  • Gambrell updates

    Sid Gambrell is still busy sending us family group sheets, so here are this week’s additions.

    1. Gravestone of Sidney Salter Gambrell (I 41378)
    2. Gravestone for Ruth Gambrell (I 41380)
    3. Family group sheet for James Bishop
    4. Family group sheet for Gordia Bishop
    5. Family group sheet for Oide William Duck
    6. family group sheet for Cyrenthea Ann Duck
    7. family group sheet for Gladys Mae Duck
    8. family group sheet for Cyrenthea Kay Brantley

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