The Gambrell family and Douthit family got involved early in America, and there are several marriages back and forth. The Gambrells are an ambitious and active family that has continued to search out their roots and uncovered an amazing family of which they have had reason to be proud historically and today. If you are a Gambrell family member, help us make this family tree even more complete with better and more information!

Resources at MacomberKin

  1. Link to the Gambrell name index
  2. Link to the start of the family tree
  3. Link to John Newton Gambrell, born about 1755 in Pendleton District of South Carolina.
  4. Link to Larkin Gambrell, born in 1809 in South Carolina. Me married the daughter of a Methodist Preacher, James Douthit


News of the website updates, reunions, family questions, and special family events.

  • Gambrell family


    It was pointed out that we did not have Pleasant Marion Gambrellâ??s family in the Gambrell family tree. So we set about correcting that by trying to cleanup a large Gambrell data file. But it was too much to add right now. So we opted to just add 65 members of his family line, and that was not so bad!


    938. Belton Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina

    939. Ebenezar Baptist Church & Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina

    940. Honea Path Presbyterian Church & Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina

    941. North Burns Cemetery, Washita County, Oklahoma

    942. Restland Cemetery, Young County, Texas

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  • Graphic Files all broken

    Howdy all! There was a fatality in the process of moving to a new website. Something went wrong and we had to remove all the images and their links from the new setup, since they were duplicated! So now we have to go through each of the over 1700 files and tell them what category they belong to, what album they go to, and where their thumbnails are, and whether or not they are the default image for each person.

    In short, this is going to take many hours of work to restore, so they will be appearing as we have time to sift through the huge pile. I do hope for this reason alone that we will not have to move again very soon. This job is huge and follows many hours of trying to move things. So in the meanwhile, please be patient! You can certainly point things out and those items will be handled with a priority over the general list.

    So what does this mean? It means work on other aspects of the family tree has to take a back seat till this project is restored. I will be so glad when I can sit back and know that there is a family line that is completely done and current and only needs to be looked at to add current events or recovered photos and information.

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  • Gambrell family additions

    I cannot wait to get back to working on this family formally, but in the meanwhile, Joyce Jones graciously sent information on John Newton Gambrell and his wife. Thanks Joyce!

    Daryl Gambrell Sr. also sent information on John Gambrell III. He has spent 40 years researching his family and we hope to hear more from him soon!


    1. Register Report for John Newton Gambrell by Jim Bryson (in process)
    2. OldJohnThruAstorChart from Daryl Gambrell
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  • Gambrell family work (2011.16)

    In setting up linking to what was done, there was found to be two Robert Reed Gambrells. So i187494 was merged into i9813. That also meant his wife had to be merged, i187484 to i9814.

    There is still much to do, but we have to take a break to get caught up in other areas.

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  • Gambrell family added data notes (2011wk15)

    Robert I. Bryson

      1. added his wifeâ??s name
      2. added his daughterâ??s name
      3. found in 1880 census
      4. found in 1900 census
      5. found in 1910 census

    Robert Gambrell

      1. 1880 census
      2. added family from census
      3. found some dates and that name is Robert Larkin? Gambrell
      4. found wife is a Bryson
      5. found daughterâ??s husband and two children
      6. added cemetery and photos of graves
      7. added photo of Robert and wife.
      8. added James Brysonâ??s excellent work on the family
      9. contacted James Bryson for identity of Mooreâ??s Crossroads

    William Drayton Bryson

      1. 1880 census
      2. 1900 census
      3. Added family members from 1900 census
      4. Added second wife and her family and children
      5. 1910 census for wife and children
      6. WWI draft card for son Charlie Clanton
      7. 1910 census for son Ernest Milton and family (all added)
      8. Added his father and two wives and many children
      9. Added his grandfather and his wife
      10. 1850 census for father and family
      11. 1850 for grandmother and her children

    James Larkin Gambrell

      1. Added James Brysonâ??s work on Jimmie Ann Gambrell
      2. Added James Brysonâ??s work on William Jasper Shirley
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