The Gambrell family and Douthit family got involved early in America, and there are several marriages back and forth. The Gambrells are an ambitious and active family that has continued to search out their roots and uncovered an amazing family of which they have had reason to be proud historically and today. If you are a Gambrell family member, help us make this family tree even more complete with better and more information!

Resources at MacomberKin

  1. Link to the Gambrell name index
  2. Link to the start of the family tree
  3. Link to John Newton Gambrell, born about 1755 in Pendleton District of South Carolina.
  4. Link to Larkin Gambrell, born in 1809 in South Carolina. Me married the daughter of a Methodist Preacher, James Douthit


News of the website updates, reunions, family questions, and special family events.

  • Gambrell family updates

    The additions of the family this week include:

    1. John Calhoun Gambrell (170678) family info from James Boyd, as well as his work on Find A Grave! Excellent work Jim!
      1. grave and cemetery for family
      2. family members
      3. do census work
    2. Samuel D. D. Gambrell, I9746
      1. family
      2. 1860 census
      3. grave and cemetery

    Unfortunately, other family updates took most of the time this week, leaving our plans here wrecked. We will try again for next week, but the docket is pretty full already!

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  • Gambrell family work during week 13

    James Madison Gambrell, Sr.

    • Fixed wrong highlighting of 1790 census reference.
    • 1820 Census, next door to James Douthit (two children from each family joined families in marriage).

    William Jasper Shirley

    • Corrected name as per Jimmy Brysonâ??s email
    • Added cemetery and information per Jimmy Brysonâ??s email
    • Added personal dates as per Jimmy Brysonâ??s work on
    • Added gravestones

    William Gambrell, Sr.

    • 1830 census for family

    George Gambrell

    • Expanded family members from generic data
    • 1830 census

    James Gambrell

    • 1830 census

    William Gambrell, Jr.

    • 1830 census
    • 1860 census for family

    Desdemonia Gambrell

    • James Bryson emailed that her husband was Benjamin Howard Douthit, thus enabling us to merge the two women and families! What a fun merge! We had worked on this family a couple years ago, so this is a big help, but I also see that the census references will have to be updated to our current format. But what a boost!

    James E. Douthit

    • 1790 Census
    • Fixed wifeâ??s cemetery location (was listed as where she died) and made another cemetery setup
    • Cannot find in 1800, 1810, but did 1820 census for family. NOTE: was next door neighbor to James Madison Gambrell, Sr.
    • 1830 census for family
    • 1840 census for family
    • 1850 census

    David S. Gambrell

    • family information from James Bryson register report
      • Joel Bruton Gambrell: added marriage date and county
      • Ira G. Gambrell: added full name & date of death, note
      • George V. Gambrell: full name, wife, marriage, death
      • David Eber Gambrell: death corrected, cemetery added
      • Mahala Gambrell: marriage date
    • 1840 census for family

    John Williams Douthit

    • Cleaned up children: sorted, eliminated duplicates, removed double tt in last name from Eliza.
    • Added location of graveyard to daughter Eugenia
    • 1840 census

    William J. Gambrell

    • Added family for 1860 census: wife a gambrell also, so linked and husbands merged (i187658 to i187549)
    • 1860 census

    William Gambrell the son of McCajer Gambrell

    • 1860 census
    • Adjusted his wifeâ??s estimated birth year backwards

    Samuel V. Gambrell

    • 1860 census
    • Added wife and children for census
    • war records

    Matthew Gambrell

    • Added family members

    Mariah Gambrell

    • Added info on husbands and children
    • son Robert Bryson, cemetery and headstone
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  • Gambrell family updates week 12

    Well, we set up a new family directory for the Gambrell family and in the process realized there was bad grammar on the first Gambrell we had! Ouch!

    John Newton Gambrell, Sr.

    1. Link: John Newton Gambrell
    2. fixed wording on Military Service
    3. 1790 Census
    4. 1800 Census
    5. 1820 Census
    6. 1830 Census
    7. possible fit for 1810 census

    William Gambrell Sr.

    1. Link: William Gambrell Sr. family
    2. 1850 Census for wife and son.
    3. 1800 Census
    4. Added alternate birth years to both William and his wife
    5. 1810 census
    6. 1820 census

    James Gambrell

    1. Link: James Gambrell family
    2. 1850 census for family

    William Gambrell Jr.

    1. Link: William Gambrell, Jr. family
    2. 1850 Census for family
    3. 1840 census for family

    John Elford Gambrell

    1. Link: John Elford Gambrell family
    2. Added family members from generic data
    3. Dropped planned 1840 census since data did not fit well.

    David S. Gambrell

    1. Link: David S. Gambrell family
    2. 1820 census
    3. 1830 census
    4. fixed wifeâ??s birthdate, obviously wrong
    5. Added dates to Joel
    6. Added wife to Joel
    7. Added son to Joel
    8. Added wifeâ??s parents
    9. Added some dates to children
    10. Added another son
    11. 1810 census

    Matthew Gambrell

    1. Link: Matthew Gambrell family
    2. 1820 Census

    Henry Gambrell

    1. Link: Henry Gambrell family
    2. 1820 Census
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  • Gambrell Family updating

    Jim Bryson contacted us via telephone and passed on quite a bit of information about this family and the fact he is living there at the historic family farm! I love hearing from people like him!

    The Gambrell family ties into the Douthit family very early on in America, with the Methodist preacher, James Douthit and his daughter, Susanna, marrying Larkin Gambrell. They lived in the exciting times of American history. So with his calling our attention to this â??stubâ? we had, we certainly hope we can add the information necessary to make this branch of the family current! After all there is Douthit blood in those Gambrells!

    So to begin, we cleaned up the names a bit of what we had, and marked those that could not be alive as dead! Then the real work began:

    Larkin Gambrell

      1. Expanded name
      2. corrected death date
      3. removed list of ambiguous sources
      4. corrected birth day
      5. added tombstone and cemetery
      6. added wifeâ??s tombstone and cemetery
      7. fixed wifeâ??s fatherâ??s cemetery info
      8. Downloaded generic ancestor data of 270 names
        • Honed list to 240, ridding blank placeholders, etc.
        • Ran series of cleanups on list
        • Could not run places cleanup program because description part of places field
        • Made AKA names setup of 19 people and some other name fixes.
        • Removed â??livingâ? from those on list
        • Locations simmered down to 50
        • Event Labels replaced with normal ones
        • Merge was made and the three people merged, so a net gain of 237 people!
      9. 1850 census for family
      10. Transferred Ezekiel to fatherâ??s family
      11. Added three children
      12. Added state of birth to eight children
      13. 1860 census for family

    John Newton Gambrell

      1. cannot link because name is in new data
      2. added James O. Brysonâ??s research and notes to family
      3. James cemetery
      4. Elizabethâ??s marriage year
      5. Davidâ??s dates corrected and cemetery added

    James Madison Gambrell

      1. cannot provide link because all new data
      2. Lots of changes to family based on Brysonâ??s research
      3. cemetery and gravestones for Mary and her husband, Joab M. Clardy
      4. added Matthew and his wife
      5. added Cemetery for Reid
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  • Cemetery work

    As we went about our data work this week, the following cemeteries were found and setup with address locations and added to our Cemetery data. With the addition of 237 more names, we added a bunch of cemeteries, and then with the work on the places starting with â??Sâ? we added a bunch more. So it was a big week for hunting down and setting up cemeteries!

    The numbers are the consecutive identification numbers we use to help us find the cemeteries easier in the raw data.

    243. Douthit Family Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina; no photo, revised name and location.

    433. Barkers Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina

    434. Barrow Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Barrow County, Georgia

    435. Big Creek Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina

    436. Blacks Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Jackson county, Georgia

    437. Broadmouth Church Cemetery, Abbeville county, South Carolina

    438. University of Virginia Cemetery, Charlottesville, Virginia

    439. East View Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina

    440. Ebenezer Methodist Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina

    441. Friendship Baptist Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina

    442. Gambrell Family Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina; no photo

    443. McGavock Confederate Cemetery, Williamson County, Tennessee

    444. Mount Gallagher Baptist Church Cemetery, Laurens County, South Carolina; no photo

    445. Neals Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina; no photo

    446. Princeton Baptist Church Cemetery, Laurens County, South Carolina

    447. Shady Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina

    448. Whitefield Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina

    449. Gambrell Home Place Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina

    450. Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Union County, Mississippi

    451. Old Bethel Cemetery, Lee County, Mississsippi; no photo

    452. Clardy Family Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina

    453. St. Paul Methodist Church Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina: no photo

    454. Saunders Cemetery, San Augustine county, Texas

    455. Savell Cemetery, Leake County, Mississippi

    That makes 24 new cemeteries! Quite a few for a short week!

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